Friday, October 12, 2007

One of the guys at work just quit....this sucks on so many levels:
(bare with me while i vent because venting will keep me from screaming!)
I was finally getting to a point where my schedule was set and it wasn't cutting into my time at home
I was getting to a point where my work load wasn't overwhelming me
I was getting to a point where i didn't lath going to work everyday....
and then i came back from lunch!

I knew it was too good to be true when they split my position between two people i just thought it would last longer than 2 weeks. Oh well what can you do. I guess I'll just go back to the old grind, when i was less happy but making more money. I mean if anything this job has definitely taught me that money is for sure not everything.

Serenity now Sanity later, i guess i just need to take a deep breath, go to my happy place....and order 20 margaritas!
So it's been a while and honestly nothing all that interesting has happened in my life that everyone else does not already know about. I mean Katrina and Andrew moved to Austin and that has been pretty awesome. Jake and I are still doing great which makes me smile everyday.

I forgot my blogger password and log in for a while too so that hampered my updating ability, but here I am back to it!

In about 5 hours I'm leaving for Abilene for the first time since I have graduated...kinda crazy. A lot has changed since I was there last and I am very thankful that I am not the same person. My life now is pretty amazing and from the way things are going it will only continue to get better. The reason for my trip however is to have a girls weekend with Chels and Charol. I haven't seen Chelsea in several months and I haven't seen Cheryl in at least over a year. The last time I saw Cheryl Lori was still in her belly. I can't wait to have a weekend away from work and away from the norm.

Next weekend Jake and I will be driving to Houston to pick up our new puppy. I'm pretty excited about getting him. He's a 5 month old Yorkie and i think his name is going to be Maddox but I will know for sure when i get to hold him.

Other than that it's life as usual these days. I hope that this little note finds everyone well.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Good news week!

So it seems like everyone i talk to this week has good news!
-Cheryl is finally getting to come home to Texas for a visit
-Melanie is getting married!!!!
-C-rod is having a baby
-Aubrey is coming to visit Texas
-Cam's birthday is today (doesn't really classify as "news" seeing as how it happens every year but it is definitely noteworthy!

a ton of other stuff has happened this week but it has flown by so fast that I can't remember all of it. For now these are the things that are making me smile!!!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Good but long weekend!

Lately thing have been great! I don't know if it's because it's summer and things are slow at work or just because but so far this summer has been fabulous. This past weekend was a good chance to recharge and get ready for all of the upcoming events and festivities. Friday nothing happened but i love it, i think we watched a harry potter movie cause I am a nerd and wanted to watch all of the previous movies again before I go to see the new one. Saturday I tried to sleep late but the dogs must have sensed that it was my day to sleep in so they started rustling and pawing me at 7am so i took them out. After that I just stayed up. I pretty much cleaned the house and hung out all day. We were going to go hang out with our friend Jeff and a couple of others on Saturday night but that fell through so we had another movie night! I love movie nights and just sitting on the couch doing nothing. With my schedule at work never being consistent and not much time during the week to relax i relish the chance to do absolutely nothing on the weekends.

Sunday night we went to a going away party for our friend Brett. It was a good time and great food but we stayed out until midnight and I had to be up at 6am this morning so needless to say I am dragging this morning. What I want to know is when did i become such a grandma...seriously i used to work until midnight or 1 every night in college and wake up for 8am classes no problem, but now if i don't get 8 hours I drag butt all day. Oh well, there is not much solid sleep in my immediate future seeing as how Daniel (jake's brother) has a show tonight at 10, but it will be worth it cause his new band is really good and entertaining.

Things i'm looking forward to lately:
-Harry Potter, the new movie and the new book!! I know i'm a nerd
-Las Vegas, all expenses paid 4 days at the Wynn for work (it would be better if jake was there but i'll take what i can get)
-1 full week off from work!!!!!!!!!
-Natalie coming to Austin
-Crawfish Boil

Friday, July 06, 2007

Ok so it's been a while!

Lets see life has been crazy hectic but in a good way i guess. I made it through June and well a few things didn't go as planned but it was a good month none the less.
Well Taylor and Mitch got hitched! Their wedding was so perfect and fun. I loved the place that they had their reception at. The whole weekend was great, a ton of old friends were in town and we ended up going out Friday and Saturday. Other than a few um "hiccups" the weekend was great!
*This picture brings back nightmares of when I was a youth leader for my church in high school. Back in the day when my now boyfriend and all his guy friends would terrorize me. They are all great guys now and I adore them but once upon a time...oh man heathens!

*This picture makes me feel old cause i have known both the bride and groom since they were in the youth group. They are so perfect together and it makes me happy to see that they will be together forever!!

Well we did it! Jake and I made it through birthdays, holidays, and regular days! Our 1 year anniversary was on the 14th of June and it couldn't have been a better time. It started off rough...I had had an amazingly bad day at work which ended with me getting yelled at on the phone for 20 minutes by some rude pompas old man. I headed home to find a beautiful (and comfortable) dress laying out on the bed with a huge bouquet of gerbera daisies and stargazer lilies. Things would have been perfect there but there was more. ***let me preface this by saying we had agreed to not go all out and save our money for things to come later*** Next to the dress and the flowers was a gift certificate to a Restaurant the we had wanted to go to but decided that it was going to be way to expensive to even consider. So i got upset and started crying mainly out of guilt but none the less there were tears. Jake couldn't figure out why i was upset and I couldn't convey that i loved it i just felt like it was too much, didn't see why i deserved it and always have a hard time accepting nice things that I honestly don't think i deserve. I felt like I had made our anniversary out to be something that he had to go all out on and spent money that we didn't have on. Once he calmed me down he explained that his dad bought us our dinner as a present and that he had nothing to do with it. At this point i felt horrible for crying and getting frustrated (i'm a brat i know i know). Long story short i calmed down and had the best dinner ever. we went to Vin Bistro, had a 7 course chef's table dinner (the chef tailors the dinner specifically for you and pairs all of the courses with a wine.) So all in all our anniversary was perfect because it was us; him spoiling me, me not knowing how to accept it, and us ultimately having a great time!
*us with our Chef Chris, best dinner ever

*My beautiful flowers! they looked 10 times better in the arrangement he brought them home in!

One of my free weekends last month i decided to take a trip to Tucson to visit Catherine and it was so much fun! I miss Catherine tons but when I got to hang out with her for a couple of days and then had to leave i realized just how much i miss her and all of my girls. I got to hang out in Tucson for 2 days which was so fun! We went walking in this beautiful (albeit scorching park), drove up to Mt. Lemmon, and just hung out. On the third morning a group of 7 of us packed the cars and headed south to Rocky Point Mexico for a day and night of fun at the beach! It was great!! We played in the ocean and got some sun all day, then we went to this really great cantina that from the front looked shady but once your were inside it was great, cheap food and the best pina coloda i've ever had. The next day we got up, had breakfast and headed back. I had to hop on a flight for austin that night but the short trip was worth it.
*Me and Cat on the beach. Sporting my brand new spurs championship hat...GO SPURS GO!!

*The view from our patio.

*Cat and Brian. This was my first time meeting brian after knowing catherine for 7 years now. He was great and i approve! Plus they are super cute together.

So that is my summer so far.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Just when I thought wedding season had taken a long needed break (and that mine would be the next one I attended [rich fantasy life, i know]) the invitations come flowing in again! So as it turns out not only do I have several weddings in the works, I don't have a free weekend the entire month of June, so not a bad thing!!!!!

Joel and Deborah are getting married in Houston the first weekend in June and I can't wait to be there to share in their joy! Seeing as how the Astros have a home series that weekend I think we are going to make and entire mini vacation out of the trip.

On June 7th my mom and dad will be celebrating their 15 year anniversary and that makes me really happy. My parents are the greatest people you will ever meet so they deserve not just 15 but limitless years of happiness. I'm trying to figure out something fun to do for them but it's going to be hard to try and get all of the siblings in town on a non-holiday.

Jake's long time friend Mitch is marrying Tuckers little sister Taylor the second weekend in June and Jake an usher so we'll be there for all of that fun! This one is in Austin at my home church so not much travel involved.

The third weekend in June no weddings are scheduled but I am however taking some time off from work and am heading to Tucson for some much needed Lindsey and Catherine time!! I mean if Brian wanted to propose to her while I'm there I am more than willing to have that be a "wedding related" weekend as well. Only kidding but seriously ;)!

The end of June one of the guys in my office is getting married so the office will be crazy for about 2 weeks while he is gone.

After that my summer really is wedding free as well as the rest of the year as far as I am aware of. Unless Aubs decides to run off with some random guy in DC or Mel McCray and this new guy get hitched ubber fast, or Lizzie finds the man/teddy bear of her dreams I think I've got time to build up the bank account.

Things are great here in Austin! I love my new house, it's finally feeling like a home and getting decorated. I want to have people over soon but not too soon. I've still got a few finishing touches that will call be done by the 15th after that it's Bar-b-que time!

Oh yeah i'm joining the gym with Jake, haven't decided which one yet. 24 Hour Fitness is close and has a pool, Gold's is just as close and has the classes I used to take in abilene but has no pool...the pool is pretty much a deal breaker for me but we shall see because Jake has a say in it too seeing as how we are joining together. Well that is all that is going on with me. I hope everyone is doing great and that life and the people around you make you blissfully happy everyday!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Life has been a little crazy these past few months! Since Christmas we have had Jake's birthday, Melanie & Matt, Cody & Emily and Jason & Julie got married, I went to the Masters with work, we got another dog, and Jake found me a house!!!
Jake's birthday was great and lasted for almost a week. We went to Ztejas in Ausitn for dinner with his family and some friends. The food was yummy and the drinks were great. I got him an autographed Red Hot Chili Peppers poster that he seems to like so that is always a plus! The next weekend we had friends over for a big bonfire and bar-b-que. There was soooooo much food!

A few weeks later I went to Dallas for Jason and Julie's wedding. It was so beautiful and it was great to see friends that I haven't seen in years. I enjoyed spending lots of time with Lizzie and Cam...and yes also Deacon. It's always nice to get to meet and spend time with the people that your friends care so much about!
Two days after I got back from Jason's wedding I left to spend a week in Augusta Georgia for the Masters. It was supposed to be a good week that would be hard and i knew this going into it, 2 days into the trip however I was pricing earlier return flights. It was the hardest thing I have ever done. Making sure that all of our clients had what they needed and that all of our vendors were giving us what we needed was driving me crazy and draining me. I was getting on average 3 hours of sleep per night and cried almost everyday. It was beyond stressful!!! I can't and don't even want to try to talk about everything that happened, but lets just say the commission check that I got from the event didn't make it worth it. Oh well next year will have to be different!
2 great things happened in austin while I was gone. Jake took in his sisters dog while they get settled in Tucson so now we have 2 babies, and he found me a house to live in rather than an apartment. This weekend I get to move into my 2 bedroom, 2 bath, huge backyard house in south austin! I am so lucky that I have a guy that looks out for me and gets things done while I'm out of town and freaking out about other things! He's too good to me. So in a nut shell that is what has been going on with me. There will be more details as they come along and as life happens.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A break!!!

For the first time in about a month I am experiencing a break! Nothing planned, nobody in town, nowhere to go, I am loving this!! Christmas was great I got the one thing I wanted (my digital camera) and a ton of stuff that I love and didn't expect! Jake got me a beautiful bracelet that came in a little blue box with a pretty red bow and matches the necklace that he got me for my birthday! He really does know how to spoil me but then again I finally got a chance to spoil him when I gave in and bought him an Xbox 360 (a decision I am immediately regretting!!!)

If that does not nominate me for best girlfriend of the year I don't know what will. We spent Christmas eve with his family having an amazing dinner and opening gifts. We went to the Mid night service at church and saw tons of old friends. The next morning we woke up and did our own little Christmas and then drove out to my parents house. It's always nice to have all my sisters and my brother there on Christmas morning and this year it was extra special to have Jake there with us. After we did our thing out at the big house we headed to the ranch to spend the rest of the day with the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was so much fun but way too much running around for me! New Years was pretty uneventful. We spent Friday out at Jakes friend Zachs ranch and then came back into town Saturday for their show at Java.

It was a great show but it was sooooo cold! Sunday night was really nothing special we all hung out at Jake's house with people coming and going and I think I was in bed before midnight....not too happy about it but then again there is always next year. Mark my words I will be doing something involving going out and staying up next year!

For the next two weeks we won't be doing much of anything just because half way through January we have a lot going on. The Red Hot Chili Peppers concert is on the 13 and on the 17th we head to Colorado for Mel's wedding. I am so ready to be there. I just got my dress on sale for more than half off as well as a steal on a Pashmina wrap that I am going to get some good use out of seeing as how my dress is strapless and the predicted high is in the mid 40's for Mel's wedding day! Not much else is going on and I'm ok with that. I really enjoy doing absolutely nothing after I get off work!!

Well that's about it! I hope that all of you had an amazing Holiday season and that 2007 is even better than any other year! These last few pictures are just random ones of Benson playing with one of the toys that I bought him for Christmas!